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Our Company

Live within your means, but without boundaries.

The House Port provides a new way of living, creating an open, stylish and personal environment that can be set up practically anywhere.

The House Port Package is a sustainably made, ready-to-assemble design for living. Using eco-responsible products, it can be quickly and easily built and custom finished by the consumer to his or her personal taste. Click here for our EBrochure.


House Port is a company whose completely new approach to home design opens up an array of possibilities for individuals interested in a custom, modern home on any budget. The concept came about initially as a personal project of sculptor and House Port CEO, Hally Thacher. Thacher sought to design a concept home that was sustainable, customizable and easy to construct. With a commitment to living green, Thacher’s efforts resulted in the creation of the first House Port (located today in Joshua Tree, California) and the establishment of House Port in 2004 after its completion. In 2009, Thacher constructed the California Ranch House Port in a matter of five weeks in Petaluma, California and most recently, the Desert Zen House Port in Desert Hot Springs, California.

Mission: EASE

We are determined to give the owner a core construction, one with an extended living environment, that is quickly and easily constructed and may be finished according to the owner’s desire—from the most traditional building styles to the most off–the–grid trends.

The House Port is the alternative to business–as–usual, traditional stick built housing. Although it has the advantages of being a permanent build on a solid foundation, it is easy, quick and less expensive to build because the prefabricated wall and roof systems help to eliminate expensive labor. Also, by shipping the components flat packed from locations as local as possible to the construction site, fuel costs are kept to a minimum. And there’s less waste.

Not only do we offer substantial interior space by creating two Cubes, we extend the owner’s space by the addition of the House Port. This design does not have to adhere to factory dimensions, which allows for optimum freedom within a prefabricated format.

The House Port is fabricated with non-toxic, recyclable, eco–friendly materials. Additionally, the simple design has a low impact on the landscape. It is also conducive to the use of any green materials or options (ie., solar panels) the owner may wish to incorporate in the custom finishing.



Hally Thacher’s art career began with her first solo show at the Main Street Studio in Santa Monica, California, in 1984. In 1990, she was awarded the prestigious Pollock–Krasner Award, and she produced her first public installation in 1991 for Earth Day in Los Angeles.

For ten years after moving to New York City, Hally’s art was exhibited widely, including the prestigious Works on Paper show at the Armory on Park Avenue, and in 1999 she was part of a homage to Marcel Duchamp at the Abraham Lubusky Gallery in New York, an exhibition that went on to the Venice Biennale in 2001. That year Hally began creating her permanent art installations in the high desert outside Palm Springs, where the concept of the House Port® was conceived. While continuing to exhibit her sculptural work, in 2005 she developed a line of flat–pack, eco–friendly furniture that engendered the idea of the House Port, the prototype of which was built in northern California in 2008. She developed her website,, and has had a series of webisodes entitled “Home Green Home” on YouTube.

Hally appeared in the documentary Art City and her work has been the subject of major articles in The New York Times, ARTnews, The Utne Reader, The Chicago Tribune, The San Francisco Chronicle, and in European publications.

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