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Ask Jeff

Hi Jeff,

I love the look of the House Port. Can you tell me more about it?

- Sarasota, Florida

Dear Sarasota, Florida:

The American lifestyle is constantly evolving. It is inevitable that many of us decide to turn to more eco–friendly habits including how we build our homes. The House Port is a new design concept for living that offers an eco–friendly, customizable housing solution that is a creative option to traditional stick built, manufactured or modular units. Additionally, the House Port is a cost–effective, energy efficient package that can be finished and upgraded to one’s personal taste, on any budget, large or small. By delivering a flat–packed and ready–to–assemble the House Port Kit Package, labor, shipping costs and waste are greatly reduced.

An innovative House Port, a galvanized metal roof, covers the main Living Cubes creating an enjoyable open outdoor patio that surrounds the home. The core concept of the House Port is that it not only provides insulation and relief from the weather in colder months, it deflects heat in the warmer ones. The space between the roofs of the Cubes and the House Port also allows for air circulation to assist in naturally cooling the living environment.

Dear Jeff,

I am not sure what RTA means? Please clarify.

Thank you.

- Portland, Oregon

Dear Portland, Oregon:

RTA means ready–to–assemble: the product comes to the consumer in kit form. It includes the parts needed to build the product, as well as written and DVD instructions. An RTA product should be user–friendly so the owner with building experience or a local contractor can easily assemble the product. An RTA product comes in flat–pack form, so there is sizable savings on shipping costs.

Hi Jeff,

I am interested in building a House Port and would like to know what is included in the kit package.

- Ojai, CA

Dear Ojai, CA,

The House Port Kit Package includes the exterior/interior prefabricated insulated wall roof systems for the Cubes, the House Port, architectural and engineering drawings, along with building instructions, all Integrity exterior sliding doors, and all Ikea kitchen cabinets (additional fee for upgrades to doors and hardware.) For more detailed information, see the HP Series kit package model descriptions.

Good Morning Jeff,

Just to make sure — can you tell me what is not included in the kit package?


- Flagstaff, AZ

Hi Flagstaff, AZ.

The House Port Kit Package does not come with any finishing materials. Kitchens, bathrooms, door/wall/floor treatments, plumbing, lighting and appliances are the responsibility of the owner, although we have many suggestions. The owner is also responsible for the site preparation and foundation required to build the House Port. For more detailed information, see the HP Series kit package model descriptions.

Dear Jeff,

Why aren't finishing materials provided in the kit packages?

- Alabama

Good Afternoon Alabama,

We believe that the House Port Kit Package is the best living solution for the price. After that, we feel each owner should make the final decisions when it comes to personalizing his or her living space. No matter the reason—location, cost, a desire to customize or utilize off–the–rack features, to be off the grid or partially green—it’s the owner’s choice.


Hello Jeff,

Does House Port have a brochure with more detailed information? If so, how do I get one?


- Joshua Tree, CA

Dear Joshua Tree,

Because we are an eco-conscious company, we ask those who are interested in our product to download all information, including all forms necessary for purchase from our web site instead of sending for a paper brochure. Sell sheets are available for all House Port Kits under HP Series by selecting the one you are interested in, or for more detailed information, you may download a copy of our EGuide here. If you do not have a computer, there is free access at your local library.


Hi Jeff,

I always get confused when I hear the conflicting names for prefab homes. Is there any difference between modular, manufactured, stick built and the House Port?


- Chicago, IL

Yes Chicago,

Stick built is entirely built on site, one piece at a time. Modular and manufactured housing is constructed off site in a factory and then delivered to the site. The House Port consists of prefabricated SIP interior/exterior insulated panels that are delivered to the site, but which are finished on site. The prefabricated components of the House Port are also delivered to the site, where it, too, is finished. This allows the House Port to qualify as new construction, like a stick built structure, because the building inspector can review the build during the finishing phase. In this way the owner can qualify for a traditional loan.


Dear Jeff,

We are very interested in sustainable eco-living. Is the House Port Green?

- Athens, GA

Dear Athens, GA:

We are committed to environmentally sound solutions. In fact, it is the core concept in that the House Port not only deflects heat, but the space between the roofs of the Cubes and the House Port allows for air circulation to naturally cool the living environment. In addition, the prefabricated, insulated wall/roof panel systems of the exterior and interior Cubes are made with SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) for greater resistance to air and moisture, making them more energy efficient.

Hello Jeff,

Can you tell me the additional costs beyond the purchase of one of the kit packages in the HP series ?

- Santa Fe, NM

Hi Santa Fe, NM

Specific building costs are highly contingent on the location of your project and the choices you make in finishing your home. Based on our prior builds, a rough estimate for a complete House Port including finishing costs would be to double the price of the model you are interested in (shipping and local permit fees not included.)


Hey Jeff,

Where do I purchase a House Port kit package?


- Nashville, TN

Dear Nashville, TN.

House Port, LLC is the only authorized dealership for the House Port Kit Package. Visiting our website allows you to explore the process to see if the House Port is right for you. If you would like to purchase a House Port Kit Package or if you have any additional questions, you may contact us directly.


Hi Jeff,

What do I do after I have decided to order a House Port kit package?

- Palm Springs, CA

Hi Palm Springs, CA

Once you have thoroughly investigated our web site and have become familiar with the product and have chosen a style, you can decide how best to structure your payment. You may pay the total amount or provide a partial payment that includes a non-refundable deposit. After House Port has received payment and the signed House Port contract, you will be sent all the construction documents and step–by–step manual to assist in your building project. Thirty–five days before assigning a shipping date, the final payment for the House Port Kit Package is to be paid. Upon receipt of the final payment to House Port, fabrication of the components begins. In approximately three weeks, materials will be ready to ship to the build site. For more detailed information, you may download a copy of our EGuide here.


What type of foundation does a House Port require?

- Woodstock, NY

Dear Woodstock, NY,

The House Port can be placed on one of the three standard permanent foundations, depending on the location of the build. A proper foundation is key in securing a traditional mortgage. Also, it ensures the safety and reliability of the construction because the wall systems for the living Cubes and the footings for the beams of the House Port have anchors and steel plates embedded in the concrete. The three conventional foundations are: slab–on–grade, crawlspace and basement. Usually, the slab–on–grade type is used in the western part of the United States, while the crawlspace and basement types are use in the North East.


Hi Jeff,

Just checking to see if the House Port kit package meet residential code requirements everywhere?

- Marfa, Texas

Good morning Marfa, TX,

The House Port Kit Package meets and exceeds all structural specifications in the Uniform Building Code (UBC) and International Residential Code (IRC). Once a location is chosen, the House Port is specifically engineered to that zone. Plumbing and electrical finishing is the responsibility of the owner and must be approved by the local building department.