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Ranch House Port Kit Package

Double Cube size: Two 32' x 32' x 9' Cubes
Footprint: 2,048 sq. ft.
House Port: 60' wide x 90' long x 14' high
Total footprint: 5,400 sq. ft.
Total price: $185,000 (shipping, handling and taxes not included)




Ranch Elevation


Ranch Floorplan




Interior Living Cube(s)
CUBE & WALL ROOF PANELS: The House Port Ranch kit includes two 32' x 32' x 9' Cubes. The Structural Insulated Wall Panels (SIPs) define both the exterior and interior walls of the Cubes. They consist of two 4' x 9' sheets of OSB with rigid foam insulation sandwiched in between. Pre-cut electrical chases have been built into every panel. The panels do not have pre-drilled holes for plumbing.

Exterior Secondary Roof
METAL & STEEL SHADE STRUCTURE: The House Port Ranch kit includes a 60' x 90' x 14' red iron I–Beam constructed Clear Span structure with Rigid Frame end walls. Our standard beams are tapered, but can be upgraded to straight for an additional cost. Our standard girt types are bypass for the sidewalls and flush for the end walls. Our roof system comes standard with a Galvalume finish (gray in color) and a 1:12 pitch. An upgrade is also available for the roof pitch (up to 4:12) and other colors available for an additional fee.

16 Integrity double-paned patio sliding doors with screens 8' 0" x 6' 8" exterior iron clad, interior natural unfinished wood.  Keyed bronze hardware included, upgrades available for additional cost.

Standard white Ikea kitchen cabinets doors/drawers/European hinges/legs/plinths. Additional fee for upgrades for door/drawer fronts.

Permit ready architectural floor and elevation plan of House Port design, selected from HP series
Construction plans for secondary metal roof
Engineered plans for secondary metal roof (wet stamped)
SIPs layout, panel-cut drawings and elevations with structural design calculations for walls/roof of living cubes
Door schedule
IKEA cabinet layout drawings

The manual contains instructions needed for you and/or your contractor to build the House Port. It includes visual as well as written step–by–step instructions for both the prefabricated exterior/interior insulated wall/roof systems for the Cubes and for the Secondary shade roof. Also included is a DVD showing the building of the prototype model. There is a materials list for parts included in the SIPs walls/roof panels and House Port, as well as illustrations that show when and where to use specific parts. Product data includes specifications of technical information for the prefabricated components and includes installation instructions, diagrams and product maintenance.


Cube(s) foundation
Secondary Shade roof footings
All dimensional lumber LVL/Micro lam beams
Floor framing or other “framing by building” shown on shop drawings
Freight unloading
Fork-lift or crane rental and scheduling
Installation and erection of panels
Reload to job-site if not accessible by initial truck

Site plan
Electrical plan
Plumbing plan
Mechanical plan
Foundation plan for SIPs living cube(s)*
Footings plan for secondary metal roof

The House Port must be built on a permanent foundation. The three types of foundations are slab on grade, crawl space and basement. The Cubes have been engineered to accommodate all three types.

Click here for a PDF of the the House Port Ranch sell sheet.