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Zen House Port Design

To set the tone for our Zen style exterior, our design team decided on a palette in a range of greys.

Any and all of the décors offered in the House Port Designs can be utilized in any appropriate environment. Custom services are available at an additional cost, and Interior House Port Designs are offered for purchase by the room.


Zen Exterior Design Kit


The House Port roof beams are in the lighter shade, the curtains—or “soft walls”—are in a middle range, and the Living Cubes have a smooth, eco-stucco finish in a darker shade of grey. The furniture is in sleek chocolate wood contrasted by the cushions in white natural fabrics. Continuing in the same vein, the dining area sets a modern tone with slatted dark wood furniture and is finished off with a natural fabric umbrella. Choose either the double or single chaise and relax with a book, take a snooze, or simply lounge in calm comfort. Or heat things up a bit when you gather around the fire pit for drinks with your friends while a sumptuous feast grills on the BBQ. The organic accessories, such as the wood-block rugs and woven throw pillows, compliment the black matte planters, which contain natural grasses to create a quiet ease. The polished concrete slab floor extends seamlessly from the interior space to the exterior space, creating continuity throughout.


Zen Interior Design Kit



Within all the living spaces our design team has chosen a medium range taupe that gives an overall sense of calm. When you enter the living room, it’s hard to resist easing down on the luxurious steel blue couch. It’s perfect for watching the big screen, reading your favorite new book or playing video games. And it’s a great place to invite friends to gather around the glass coffee table to relax with cocktails before dinner. We’ve added two matching velvet slipper chairs on either side of a stylish hexagon-shaped side table to complete the seating area. The chocolate-colored media console is perfect for the flat screen and cabinets below are great for storing your electronic devices. A 100% wool Sakura print rug in a soft blue grey pulls the room together, and printed throw pillows in green are bright accents throughout. Glass and metal wall sconces in all the living spaces add design consistency from room to room.
Our minimalist inspired décor flows from the living to the dining area. Repeated themes include the chocolate-colored circular, cut-out table and the wall sconces. Another lighting element, a floating shell pendant light, adds an Asian touch. Lime-green modernist chairs are a lively color choice to compliment the more neutral color scheme. The gloss-finished concrete floor is reminiscent of a high end contemporary gallery.
Dark brown cabinets with lime green counter tops and backsplash give the kitchen a feeling of sophistication with a twist. There are all the modern conveniences for today’s cook, and the appliances are in stainless steel. We’ve included a side-by-side refrigerator with water and ice dispenser in the door, microwave oven, eco-dishwasher, and a deep sink with a faucet with a spray extender. All finishes are stainless, including the drawer and door handles. The professional-grade, five-burner stove in black has a matching hood. All cabinets have solid shelf construction, and their euro hinges self close for maximum convenience. Metal pendant lights in green carry through the color scheme of the countertops, and wall sconces shed more light. We’ve continued the seating style from the dining area,with a twist: barstools in chocolate brown—for company while you prepare those gourmet meals, or for dining right there in the kitchen.
The Zen style is perfect for any of the Living Cubes, especially in this cozy and intimate bedroom retreat. The full-size, wood frame storage bed in chocolate with six drawers and pillow-top mattress continues the tones we’ve chosen throughout. It matches the five-drawer streamlined wood dresser, and lime-green martini tables lighten things up. The upholstered green chair is a design statement and a comfort.  A luscious pebble rug in grey warms the space, and the golden hue from the wall sconces completes this restorative space.
The en suite bathroom assures a relaxed atmosphere with its generous four-foot Kohler Shower with clear glass by-pass door. The porcelain square sink on a metal and wood console is simple and contemporary. The matching shelf next to the sink houses all the lotions and toiletries you’ll need for a quick shower or a more leisurely soak. All bath ware, including toilet holder, towel bar and ring, sink and shower fixtures have an upgraded polished nickel finish. The platinum jute rug is not only handsome, but gently tickles your feet! Two double wall sconces on each side of the round, wood-framed mirror ensures enough light for all your primping and pampering. There’s an additional wall sconce in the toilet area, where the white Kohler elongated toilet provides extra comfort.
Last but not least, the hardest working room in the house. The utility room is located right off the kitchen but subtly hidden by a pocket door. This space has a stacked washer and dryer. A high storage rack takes care of all your household needs, from dry goods, to media equipment for internet or TV, to emergency supplies. The hot water heater is stationed here. Light from a triple wall sconce makes for a friendly working environment.